Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Santa Mug and Etsy Sale

Santa Mug, 8" square original painting on canvas.  For sale on Etsy here.  From my vast Santa mug collection.  I've got them lined up with the big ones on the back row and the small ones in front.  We have our decorations up and are feeling the joy.

I'm still having my 20% off sale on the artwork that's listed in my Etsy store.  Just use the coupon code NOV2011 during checkout and it will automatically take 20% off anything in the store, including pieces I have already marked down.  The sale ends tomorrow.


Sheriart said...

Love the Santa mugs. I have a small collection too. A must have on Christmas morning.

The Clever Pup said...

I've probably mentioned it but I've got one of those mugs but it's ghastly because most of the paint peeled off in the 70s. Husband refuses to part with it. Hoarder tendencies.

Polly Jones said...

Sheri, do you drink eggnog out of yours? Mine have peeling paint issues too and my hoarder instincts have definitely kicked in with them!!

art & culture said...


I like your Blog so much and I like your Paintings to
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