Monday, October 31, 2011

Vanitas With Vaporizer large original mixed media painting

Vanitas With Vaporizer by Polly Jones

Hello and Happy Halloween to you!  I think this ones done.  It pretty much wore me out.  30" by 40" used to not seem so large until I got on this spate of small paintings.  I plan on putting it in the annual Center for Contemporary Art fundraiser auction that will open on November 7th. 

Here's a pretty interesting link to the term Vanitas in Wickepedia,

I like this theme because it conveniently combines my love for still life subject matter with a desire to keep in mind the fleeting quality of life.  The blue sage flower shows a transition of bloom down the stem, from fresh to old and withered. I believe the good here on earth is just a pale hint of what's to come in the next life.  So in keeping with this I have used some of my vintage papers from The Golden Encyclopedia that include an Egyptian mummy and also a (kind of cartoon like) chart of how to butcher a pig.  I used the old green vaporizer tub to paint because of how it looks and also because I love the idea of ephemeral vapor.  I've heard that the use in Ecclesiastes of the word "vanity" can be interpreted as "breath."


Friday, October 28, 2011

Janet Fish, major hero

Saw a lot of images of her work in this video that I've never seen anywhere else. No one does glass as well as Janet Fish!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Vaporizer Progress

Yesterday I finally started the big painting that's been in my head.  Centerpiece is this fabulous old green glass vaporisor tub that I found at a thrift store a while back.  At this stage I feel like I am living in a different reality, the image keeps popping into my head with all kinds of solutions while I look like I'm talking to people and it keeps me from going to sleep properly.  Okay, getting back to work. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Mandarin original small painting by Polly Jones

4" by 5" acrylic on chunky canvas.  SOLD
I got my art supply order!  Lots of paint and some new 4" by 5" canvases with a 1.5" edge.  They stand on their own and are very object-like;  I hate to say cute, but really they are kind of cute.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cup Of Coffee original painting

6" square original painting on canvas.  SOLD

I had a terrible experience today.  Mid morning is my faint, weak, must have food or I'll collapse time of day.  So, when I sat down with my rescue snack at the computer, I should never have attempted to work on my blog.  I noticed a new template that Blogger was promoting called Dynamic Views and tried out the "Magazine" template option.  It looked great, but I finally noticed that none of my side links were there that I've accumulated since the beginning of my blog.  These are links I don't have a copy of.  I looked and tried to change it back to no avail, thought it had all vanished.

Well, this afternoon I tried some more and found it again when I plugged in my old template.  Whewww.  Think I better do a backup.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Little Commission

8" square acrylic painting on canvas.  SOLD

This was done by request based on a painting I had done a couple of years ago.  I feel like I learn SO much every time I do one this way.  I have to analyze while I am working and be conscious of all the choices I'm making while I'm making them.  It's amazing to me how tiny differences in color or value can cause a painting to have a very different outcome.

Friday, October 07, 2011

The Winner Is...

Amber Cauley of Lighthearted Studios!!  Amber is a generous hearted and talented fellow artist and blogger. I will be delighted to mail her a pumpkin painting of her choice from my Etsy store.  So Amber, just get me the details and I'll send it out.

Thank you soooooo much everyone for commenting and telling me your favorite parts about Fall.  It puts me in a great frame of mind every time I look through them.  Also many, many thanks for being interested in my work and supporting me with your encouraging words and by subscribing.

P.S.  I ended up writing all the names down (FB fans twice) and having my husband draw a name since I was once again technologically challenged when it came to the random generator device. 

Pumpkin Painting Giveaway Last Day

Hello friends!  After supper tonight, I'm planning on using the random generator to pick someone from the comments on this POST.  Above are the three paintings you can choose from (unless they sell from my Etsy shop today.  So, click here if you are interested.  It really is beginning to feel a little like fall this week.  I have apple bread in the oven and a friend coming over for tea, yay for that.

Monday, October 03, 2011

A Blank Canvas

Sometimes there's nothing scarier than a big blank white canvas.  Well, I got rid of the whiteness anyway.  This week the plan is to begin some larger work that I have been mulling over for a while.  I'm thrilled to have a fairly open schedule this week!

Don't forget to check out my painting giveaway.  Your chances are good since I only have 12 people commenting so far.  Details are here: