Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Crazy Christmas Tree

Click HERE for a link to the Etsy blog where they featured a photo of our little tabletop tree. I was so surprised to see it there, they have a flickr group which I upload some pictures of our house from time to time. I'm really proud that Kenny's painting got a little exposure.

I've been working on a commission, doing Christmas shopping, wrapping presents and mailing off paintings and vintage from my Etsy store TheModShop. I have a large painting swimming around in my head that involves a pink bowl, some lemons, map collage. Also I had an epiphany about something do layer on it which I have promptly forgotton.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Mandarin with Blue Willow original still life painting by Polly Jones

8" square original painting on gessoed masonite panel 3/8" thick, unframed. SOLD

A Chinese tradition has been for the grooms family to give the bride a couple of citrus fruits to share with her husband after their marriage. This is a symbol of a family wish that the bride and groom share a happy and full life together. I like this contrast with the blue willow cup that is supposed to be the story of star-crossed lovers who only attain togetherness in death...rising up as two birds.

I apologize to everyone that subscribes to my blog that I accidentally re-sent an old post the other day. I was trying to edit it and did something wrong.