Thursday, December 08, 2011

Flow Blue with Pears original mixed media painting by Polly Jones

Flow Blue with Pears by Polly Jones
This is an 11" by 14" acrylic and mixed media on canvas. SOLD

It's my new favorite bowl! (sorry, old favorite one)  I found it at an estate sale recently for a kindred soul; she had a huge collection of blue and white dishes. What a reminder of where all our stuff is headed some day! This bowl is soooo old, made in Maastricht, Holland and has been mended.  I wonder how many owners it's had. Maps, and dictionary bits, and wrapping paper are embedded in the paint. I was happy with the contrasting texture in this painting.  The sun is finally shining again after many grey days and some snow.

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Sheriart said...

You can tell you love that bowel. I really like this one.