Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Green Apple on Yellow Chintz

Here is an attempt to enjoy the sunshine we had this afternoon. I've often used chintz fabric as a part of still life set-ups. I'm drawn to these designs that are themselves paintings by anonomous artists. (to me anyway) This 8" by 8" painting is on a stretched canvas that has a 1 and 3/8" profile. It looks great without a frame.



Rhonda Hurwitz said...

what great colors...I love this painting

anna maria said...

Hi Polly,
I have a question about this pretty painting. It is listed as both 8x8 as well as 12x12. If you get a chance, I'd like to know which size it is.
Thank you.
Anna Maria

Polly Jones said...

Thank you Rhonda! I enjoyed looking at your blog and lovely pastels. Polly

Polly Jones said...

Hello Anna Maria--So sorry about my conflicting info. I had put the wrong lablel on it. The painting does measure 8" by 8" with a gallery wrapped edge of 1 and 3/8" (staples are on the back) Thank you for your interest!---Polly

Susan Rose said...

I love the colors and composition in this painting. Normally I dislike pink and lavendar, but you've brought out the best in them.

Susan Rose said...

Normally I hate pink and lavendar, but you've made them beautiful in this composition.