Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Sunday Afternoon original acrylic mixed media painting by Polly Jones

Sunday Afternoon by Polly Jones
After a dreary season of cold and grey, my eyes desperately need to see some color. This was a crazy still life set up full of pattern and fun to paint. I used a wood block print cloth from Eternal Threads as a beginning point and went on from there with some of my favorite objects: that same black ginger jar, blue willow bowl and teapot from China. It's part of my series that incorporates a page of poetry from an old book I have, as well as map bits.

12" by 12" mixed media acrylic painting on gallery wrapped canvas. Sold.


Eternal Threads said...

Hey Polly!

What a beautiful painting! We are so glad we came across it!

Thank you for sharing!

Eternal Threads Staff

Polly Jones said...

Thanks so much for commenting! I LOVE Eternal Threads and find you guys so inspirational.