Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dirty Drawers and a catch up post

My friend Lara and I finally went to an open life drawing session at  The Center for Contemporary Art  here in Abilene last night.  The group is called "The Dirty Drawers." We've been talking about doing it for years.  Now I know why I hadn't gone...it is hard and scary.  Wow, I was much worse than I expected.  I "forgot" to take pictures while there and am only showing the portrait I did.  Let me clarify that she did not actually have facial hair. In drawing the full body, apparently a good sense of anatomy is pretty important.  I feel challenged now, and am going to have to go back and do better!
Listening Shell for Lynne by Polly Jones
 Here is a commission painting I did a couple of weeks ago.  I learn so much every time I go back and repeat a subject. 
I'm working on an 18" by 24" painting now, taking it slow because I want to leave it open and have different degrees of finish in it.  Fortunately the flowers are still alive!  I hope to work on it this afternoon, but also need to clean house and make a desert for my book club coming over tonight.  We're discussing "Orphan Train" by Kristina Baker Kline.  Has anyone out there read it?


kath001 said...

I just finished my current read about an hour ago and was trying to determine what I should read next. I've had Orphan Train on my Kindle for six months or so, so maybe it's time.

Polly Jones said...

We had a good discussion and everyone seemed to like the book. The history part was so fascinating. I would love to hear what you think about it!