Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Punch original mixed media painting by Polly Jones

Punch by Polly Jones
Here's a photo of the largest painting I have in our Terra Incognita exhibit.  It's 40" x 60"

My mother gave me this punch bowl that she's had for a very long time. Does anyone out there remember S&H Green Stamps?  This was bought with green stamps back in the day.  I had been meaning to paint the bowl for some time, but it seemed overwhelming.  It was just humming in the background until the day I noticed at the grocery store that a pineapple has a similar pattern to the cut glass pattern of the bowl. 


Agnes Elliza Kaczmarek said...

oh, I love the idea here.
great job Polly, and colours you used are so alive.
Agnes Elliza

Polly Jones said...

Thanks Agnes Elliza. It ended up being exhilarating to paint it.