Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Watercolor experiments and a challenge

So, I've been talking about taking risks, here are three more small ones. The top painting I did as part of a challenge over at the Daily Paintworks site. This is a blog of wonderful daily painters that I follow and they post challenges on occasion. Click here to see the "Stacked" challenge that I submitted my "One of Each" painting on the left. It's 12" square. SOLD
Below are a couple of watercolor efforts that are just practice pieces. I had bought a set of old watercolors at an estate sale in the cutest tin that I had to try out for fun. I'm now remembering why I haven't done more watercolor in my life. It is really hard! Any one else have war stories with watercolor painting?


kara rane said...

hi Polly ~
i know exactly what you mean about watercolors! i like to use them more like oil paint..thick.
checkout my watercolor here >>

LindaHunt said...

You made me laugh right out loud! Yes, I too find watercolor challenging almost to the point of exhaustion! Love your stacked oil!

Amber Cauley said...

I love all of these! Don't knock those watercolors because I think they are fabulous! My favorite in all of them....the blue cup in the stacked painting. Don't ask me why but i love it!