Friday, June 10, 2011

Texas Peaches, Bing Cherries and Blue Willow original painting by Polly Jones

Texas Peaches SOLD.  Bing Cherries is sold. 8" square on canvas.

I know I sounded silly yesterday, posting about risk taking by using beige. I just feel I've gotten into some habits which I need to challenge more. Yesterday and today I worked on these blue willow pieces. Of course, when trying to get the right reds I had my usual old timer's rant about how alizaron crimson is not the same as it was thirty years ago. It's just not as rich as it used to be. The big challenge for myself here was not to draw my composition with vine charcoal on the canvas before beginning the painting. It was fun and felt surprisingly different. I also just threw out the idea of using collage with it. I've seen a lot of art lately using map and text in it and am doubting my use of it for now, trying a go of just simple painting again. Opinions?


kara rane said...

yes! Polly~ agree your paintings stand alone without collage.

Polly Jones said...

kara,thanks so much for your feedback! Loved looking at your website and reading your story.

Anonymous said...

i didn't think you were being silly posting about beige, i think its great that your stepping outside of your make it work! todays work...first words out of my mouth ooo, pretty! i love them! these are different too. all that white, i would be nervous to use it but you really know how to work it! don't be surprised if you see some white from me now :)