Monday, February 07, 2011

Kalanchoe original mixed media painting by Polly Jones

8" square original mixed media acrylic painting on gallery wrapped canvas. SOLD

This is definitely a winter painting. I was snowed in, wanting a flower to paint. In a fit of desperation, I ended up breaking off a swig from my kalanchoe potted plant. Now that I have uploaded the photo I see the blue willow tea cup looks a bit wombly. I like some distortion to create movement but this looks like too much. I'll probably work on it again.

Well I found out "Wish You Were Here" got an honorable mention at the Stars of Texas Exhibit. My good friend Dan McGregor received the sculpture award. Sara Beth Clevenger and Tony Brown, both friends from The Center For Contemporary Arts here in Abilene also got painting prizes too. There's a link here to an article with photos. I wimped out and didn't brave the weather to drive to Brownwood for the reception.

Thanks for all the comments and well wishes on the last couple of posts!


Gary Keimig said...

interesting design and color. It sure works.
Good job Polly

Polly Jones said...

Thank you Gary! I somehow lost your comment in my big pile up of undealt with emails. Sorry for the delay in responding.