Friday, December 05, 2008


About a month ago my husband Kenny and I entered the Big Country Art Association Show. I had dropped our work off and Kenny was supposed to go pick it up if it was not jurored into the show and find out if we got an award. He forgot to go.

That night we had dinner with Dan McGregor who had also entered the show and ended up winning Best of Show and first prize. He thought that Kenny had placed also and I had gotten an honorable mention. The next day Kenny heard from someone else that I had won a prize and he had gotten honorable mention. I guess we have become interchangeable after 25 years. Most people don't understand how two artists with two sensitive egos can be married. You get to a point where it's about the same whoever get's what. We found out at the show opening that Kenny got 3rd place and I got an honorable mention. We forgot to take a camera and don't have pictures. I hope to post Dan's amazing pieces and my piece. Here's one of Kenny's on the studio wall, it looks even better in person and on a more pristine background. Here's a link to last years 2007 BCAA exhibit.

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BriteCloud said...

Way to go, guys!

Love seeing Kenny's work, too. Congrats!