Sunday, August 28, 2016

Summer update of paintings by Polly Jones

Almost Ripe Strawberries by Polly Jones, 5" by 7" acrylic on canvas. Sold.

Summer Clouds by Polly Jones, 7" by 5" acrylic mixed media

Bouquet for Beethoven by Polly Jones, 12" by 12" acrylic mixed media on canvas. Sold.

Cluster by Polly Jones, 4" by 4" acrylic on canvas.

Gladiolus in Green Glass by Polly Jones, 6" by 6" acrylic, Sold.

Gladiolus and Petunias by Polly Jones, 6" by 6" acrylic on canvas.

Gladiolus on Stripes by Polly Jones, 14" by 11" acrylic mixed media on canvas.

Pears on Chintz by Polly Jones, 14" by 11" acrylic mixed media on canvas, Sold.

Hope you are having a great weekend! I'm finally updating the blog with most of the work I've been doing this last part of summer. I've been painting my heart out.  I also have some in progress larger work and am beginning my pumpkin paintings that you can catch a glimpse of over on Instagram.  The paintings above that are not marked sold can be found in my Etsy store if you are interested.  Thank you so much for continuing to follow my work. I had the loveliest studio visit with a long time subscriber to my blog who was in town last week. I am forever grateful for the opportunity of broadening my out reach online which allows me to continue doing this. It amazes me how I have made several in person friendships that started out through my internet venues.

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