Monday, February 15, 2016

Yellow Teapot and other new mixed media acrylic paintings by Polly Jones

I hope you had a fabulous Valentine's Day! I didn't take President's Day off because painting is what I do for fun as well as work:) Though I must admit most of today felt like work because I was having a difficult time working out the color relationships in the Yellow Teapot at the bottom of this post. Now that I've gone to the trouble of photographing it, Instagramming it and putting it in my Etsy shop I'll probably decide it isn't really finished after all. That's the way it seems to work.

landscapes by Polly Jones
These two tiny landscape paintings are 4" by 4" I take them seriously but they are rather therapeutic to paint. The one on the left is from memories of our trip to Scotland and the one on the right is from a drive to Brownwood, Texas. Both in my Etsy shop.

Granny Stripe by Polly Jones
This is the painting chosen by the winner @violettetide over on the giveaway on Instagram last week. Thanks everyone who participated in that. I appreciate all of the nice comments!

Token Rose by Polly Jones
 6" by 4" mixed media on canvas. Available here.
Welcome Roses by Polly Jones
 5" by 7" acrylic mixed media on canvas available here.
Yellow Teapot by Polly Jones
20" by 16" acrylic mixed media. Available here.

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