Monday, September 28, 2015

Stood Us By original mixed media still life painting by Polly Jones

Stood Us By by Polly Jones
I have been working back and forth on several large paintings...trying to resolve them in time for a November show I'm preparing for. When I get better photographs I'll show the lineup.

This one has all kinds of things going on in it. a kind of soup that is an expression of my grieving process for my mom and thoughts about the afterlife. In the lower right is part of a print of one of Monet's Cathedral paintings. (Steal from the best, right?) Other collage elements are: birds, mummies, a harp and other musical instruments, a page from a1906 theological book on prayer, chart of coins, a biology drawing of an arm, and bits of maps.

30" by 40" acrylic mixed media on canvas.

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