Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bird's Eye Grapefruit mixed media painting by Polly Jones

Bird's Eye Grapefruit by Polly Jones

Using layers of paper embedded in thick paint were my strategy to keep from getting caught up in the details. The light was almost blinding in my studio today.  I like that.  One inspiration for using such thick paint was recently seeing Melissa Miller's juxtaposition of tightly rendered areas with really wildly painted backgrounds.

Saturday night we drove to Dallas for the opening of a friend and former student, Jay Hendrick at Cohn-Drennan. It was a great show!  His work centers around playful grids and are done on discarded cardboard boxes he finds at George Mason where he studies.  We went to several openings in the area including the Melissa Miller one.

Bird's Eye Grapefruit, Sold.

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Robin Rosenthal said...

This painting shouts Polly Jones. I love all the patterns and bright colors. Wonderful!