Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cup Of Coffee original painting

6" square original painting on canvas.  SOLD

I had a terrible experience today.  Mid morning is my faint, weak, must have food or I'll collapse time of day.  So, when I sat down with my rescue snack at the computer, I should never have attempted to work on my blog.  I noticed a new template that Blogger was promoting called Dynamic Views and tried out the "Magazine" template option.  It looked great, but I finally noticed that none of my side links were there that I've accumulated since the beginning of my blog.  These are links I don't have a copy of.  I looked and tried to change it back to no avail, thought it had all vanished.

Well, this afternoon I tried some more and found it again when I plugged in my old template.  Whewww.  Think I better do a backup.

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