Friday, September 02, 2011

Thinking About the Milky Way original mixed media painting by Polly Jones

11" by 14" acrylic mixed media still life painting on canvas. SOLD

Today I got a reprieve! I was planning on mowing the lawn but couldn't get the mower to work; so painted instead.

Yesterday I had begun this one and quite hated it. It struck me last night, while looking on Flickr at some abstract work by Mayakonakuamura that I really needed to pay attention to surface and texture more. So that's what I tried to do today and was happy (not ecstatic) about what happened with this little pear painting. The title comes from the collage paper from The Golden Book Encyclopedia on the milky way. We went to The Great Sand Dunes and the mountains in Colorado a few weeks ago. Wow, it was amazing to look at the night sky away from city lights. I was so glad when the random paper I picked up to add to my pear had a bit about the milky way in it.

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kath001 said...

You are so very clever...not to mention talented! I especially love the shading and texture of the standing pear. I really loved your two little cups in your Lady Like painting a few posts back. :)