Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winter Sunflowers original still life painting by Polly Jones

11" by 14" acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas with 1 and 3/8" edge. SOLD

I did these about a week ago, but, given all the snow and cloudy days haven't had a chance to photograph it. I've been painting my studio white and am so excited that it will be much brighter in there now. (assuming the sun comes back to stay) I'll post pictures once I get it settled.

This sunflower painting was more of a struggle than the last one, even though it's smaller. It went through several stages of background colors including red. You can still see bits of the red around edges which adds a contrast that I like. All of these pictures can be clicked on for a larger view so you can see details a bit better.


kath001 said...

Hi Polly,

I haven't commented in forever, but this one made my adrenalyn race. I love it! The background is perfect.


Polly Jones said...

Thank you Kathleen! It is so kind of you to comment. I was looking at your blog yesterday about getting organized with shopping and meant to comment on yours. I ended up following the link to the frugal photography blog and never made it back. I have been trying to do the same thing with organized grocery lists and it has made a difference for me too.

Last Cup Of Coffee said...


Polly Jones said...

so glad you like it!