Sunday, June 07, 2009

Of Pieridae and the Language of Flowers

18 inches by 24 inches acrylic and mixed media collage on cradled wooden artist panel.

I had posted this one, almost finished, about a month ago here. The ellipse of the middle vase was driving me crazy and I wasn't happy with the circle grid yet. Sometimes it really helps to let a piece sit for a while.

I have used a variety of images in order to express the delight I find in exploring ideas about transcendence through the humble still life. Here I've juxtaposed an iris and daffodil from the back yard with a painted tray, circles from a reproduction of Giotto paintings from the life of Jesus and moth and butterfly imagery. I wanted my use of color to express a joy and something like awe that is part of this process. (for me) Pieridae is one of the wing patterns for distinguishing different families of moths and butterflies.

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