Friday, August 31, 2007

Lemonade, Half Full

I enjoy painting reflective glass and portraying the light that shows through this vintage pitcher of lemonade. I've used my absolute favorite blue and white Vera scarf from the fifties as a prop. It was painted with acrylic on 12" by 12" by stretched canvas, ready to frame. SOLD


BriteCloud said...

I love this one!! Reminds me of the forks that I have of yours.

Love ya!

julie said...

I love it when you do glass and liquid. I don't know why...I just love it.

Polly Jones said...

Thank you Rhonda and Julie! I have so much fun painting the whole refraction in glass thing. It's been a main theme of mine for 25 years now, I just keep getting distracted by this subject matter while doing the dishes and have to put it down in paint.