I've had the privilege of doing many commissions and so far, they have all worked out great!  I get too nervous about the process if I feel like a person might be "stuck" with a painting that they don't want, so you would only buy it if you loved it.  That really takes the pressure off of everybody.   Once you decide what you want, I would email a preliminary drawing for approval and then you would have final approval on the photos of the painting before it's delivery.

Just let me know if you have any preferences about canvas supports.  I usually use a Winsor Newton gallery wrapped canvas that has an edge of about 1 and 1/2" and it comes wired and ready to hang without a frame.  I often have the edges painted white but can do other treatments if you prefer. If you want a regular edge canvas of about 3/4" I would be happy to oblige.

Prices are determined by size.  The cost of shipping is not included below, so just check my Etsy store listings for comparable sizes and shipping prices.  The easiest way to invoice is through Paypal but let me know if you want to work something else out.  Paypal does have the option of using a credit card without being a member through their secure system. I gladly accept USA checks but have to wait until they clear before mailing anything.

6" by 6" or 5" by 7" would be $75
8" by 8" would be $95
12" by 12" or 11" by 14" would be $200
16" by 20" would be $450
18" by 24" would be $750
24” by 36”  $1000
30” by 40”  $1200