Monday, February 06, 2017

Some new and some old

Blackberries in a Dragon Bowl by Polly Jones
Hope your 2017 is going well with you! I've been pretty busy so what follows is a partial update. Here is what I've been up to the last part of January. Above is a recent favorite of mine, 6" by 6" mixed media acrylic on canvas is available on Etsy here.
Bouquet with Butterfly Weed by Polly Jones
This may look familiar, I had painted it last spring but after living with it a while, changed up some color in the upper right side. Before it was a green and I like the more simplified look of bright light from the window. Sold.
Carnation Glow by Polly Jones
I cannot believe how long carnations last! I am working on a large painting of the bouquet this little one came from. This is a 6" square on canvas available here.
Coming Home by Polly Jones
 "Coming Home" has come home. It was in the "Risk" group exhibit at The Center for Contemporary Arts.
June Sky by Polly Jones
 This 8" square mixed media on canvas is on the SX wall at The Center for Contemporary Arts.  I painted this Texas sky from a photograph I took in the summer somewhere between Abilene and Fort Worth.
Pacific Lettered Cone 2 by Polly Jones, Sold

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