Thursday, November 19, 2015

Pictures from my show

with Kenny

with gallery director Debbie Manns 

with Marissa

I'm a little slow at sending out pictures from my show opening at The Center for Contemporary Arts earlier this month. It was wonderful and I can't thank everyone enough who came out to the member's preview and later, ArtWalk.  I'm grateful for people taking the time to look at my work, experience it and talk to me about it. This is an honor that I don't take lightly.

I wish the photos of the installation had turned out better. They were all so blurry. Hopefully, I'll have better ones for sharing later.

Having this show forced me to do both larger and more work than normal, twenty four mixed media paintings...mostly still life subject matter. I suffered many ups and downs during this process. Some paintings flowed easily and some were a struggle to resolve. Such a learning experience! I'm still trying to put into words what I was trying to accomplish. Below is the statement I wrote a year ago.

“On the Table” is a saying that means that things are up for discussion. I like that kind of open ended consideration. I want my paintings to emerge from a visual conversation that comes from paying attention to what I see and merging that with my feelings and experiences. Combining paint, high key color, drawing and collage elements help create a place of simultaneous visual experiences. These layers are a way to work out ideas about the paradoxes that I find to be a part each day. It’s an exploration into the possibility of transcendence in the midst of ordinary life.

I’m usually focusing on the stuff on the table in front of me. I hope that it will connect with others. The domestic sphere is a shared experience. Everyone has this everyday life in which they pick up their favorite coffee cup and eat that apple or pear or smell a flower. 

Many of the still life objects I paint are inherited pieces that have personal histories and meanings. I especially enjoy painting glass. Glass has it’s own metaphor of how we perceive. It sometimes creates a distortion and sometimes acts as a clarifying lens. Here we go with the paradoxes again.

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