Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Watercolor Landscapes Overlooking Florence

Looking At Florence from San Miniata by Polly Jones

On our trip this summer, we spent the most amazing afternoon painting on top of a mountain that was home to an 11th century church, San Miniato al Monte.  It overlooked Florence with a view of the famous cathedral, the Duomo.  This little pair of watercolors was done on-site.  They have their flaws but I decided to just leave them as is and not push them into something they aren't.


Kayla said...

We went to Italy this summer, too! Isn't it beautiful? Florence was our favorite city. I loved walking by Il Duomo each day.

Polly Jones said...

Yes, it was one of our favorites too! Laura told me you guys celebrated your anniversary there. That is so wonderful and romantic!

Steve PP said...

That's such a beautiful spot isn't it Polly? I've just returned from a painting trip there last week. Have a great day!