Monday, January 16, 2012

Blackberries North to South original mixed media painting by Polly Jones

Blackberries North and South by Polly Jones

6" square acrylic and paper on gallery wrapped canvas.  SOLD

Last weekend we had a great time with some good friends.  We went on a road trip to Houston to take our artwork accepted for the Houston Assistance League Show 2012.  While there, we visited The Museum of Fine Arts at Houston, The Menil Collection, The Cy Twombly Gallery and several art galleries.  Seeing great art in person always makes me more aware of surfaces in the work.  So many amazing paintings I've only experienced by looking at reproductions.  You sure miss a lot that way!  I came back more challenged to pay attention to the importance of differences in brush strokes and thickness and thinness of paint texture.  One reason I enjoy using paper collage mixed in with paint is that it adds a slickness and contrast that I have a hard time getting in other ways.


kath001 said...

Beautiful! Love the colors. :)

Amber Cauley said...

love all that pink! i can really tell your trip had an impact on you, your brush strokes show it! :)

Polly Jones said...

Thanks Kathleen and Amber! The pink kept me from going crazy during a succession of cloudy days. Amber, I forgot to mention I'm using a palette knife too, but have a lot to learn.