Thursday, July 01, 2010

Sunflower and Pitchers progress mixed media painting

16" by 2o" original mixed media painting

Still working on this one. It's not quite finished. I'm trying to work with the idea of refractions that are carried out in the glass and also with the use of collaged papers. I have loved painting pictures of glass for so long and it's fun to try new ways of doing this. Found a wonderful blog called Paper Paintings by Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson who has beautifully integrated collage and images and paint.


Amber Cauley said...

Hey Polly! I can't wait to see how this one turns out! How do you decide where to put the paper on the painting? and how do you attach it?

I have been thinking about trying acrylics, what brand do you suggest I start with? and what colors do you use in your palette? and probably a random question but do have you ever used it on your walls? I have a spot in my kitchen that i would love to put a tiny mural on.

Polly Jones said...

Thanks Amber. I'm letting this sit a while, can't seem to resolve it. I use mostly Liquitex brand acrylics but also Grumbacher. They are both great. You can paint just about anything with acrylic, walls are wonderful as long as it's not on top of an oil based paint. I have even painted the actual fabric of a love seat we have....used fabric medium so it wasn't too stiff when dry.

Amber Cauley said...

REally! On fabric? I never would have thought of that. Good luck with the painting. I hate when they don't want to act right :)

Becky Joy said...

I like your collages. Very nice color and work