Saturday, August 01, 2009

Tomato Party original painting by Polly Jones

6 inches square gallery wrapped chunky canvas. SOLD

I did this one a while back in regular acrylics of a few of the cherry tomatoes we rescued before the squirrels, birds and yes, even the dog got at them. Since receiving a wonderful present of Interactive Acrylics by Chroma from my dear husband, I decided to experiment with them on top of this piece I wasn't very happy with. I'm happier with it now. The paints are bizarre. They have a longer "open" time which just means they don't dry as fast as regular acrylics and are supposed to have more of an oil paint feel to them. You can even mist them if they dry up a bit and it makes them wet again. This is quite astonishing if you are used to acrylics which is a do or die type situation. I'm still in the experimenting stage with them as I have a lot of acrylic type habits. Anyone out there tried these yet?

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