Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Iris in Green Glass original painting

8 inch square acrylic on gessoed masonite, unframed. SOLD

I raced to paint this one before it changed petal positions. It had such a jaunty angle at this stage of unfolding. This was a very small iris right out of my backyard and I put it in my favorite small green bottle. My focus in this painting was to keep the brushwork as fresh as possible and to suggest the details of the iris without getting bogged down in the little details.

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Cherry Tart Design said...

Oh, the Iris, my favorite flower in the whole world! I used to have them in my garden at my old house and have been wishing I could still have a garden!

Apartment life, sigh...

Your artwork is beautiful by the way. :)

Polly Jones said...

I was feeling nostalgic for apartment days this week because of having to have a gas line through our backyard repaired. As a matter of fact the ditch digger equipment had to roll through a part of our irises in order to get into the back yard. Some are still standing so maybe they will spread back.

Thank you so much for your kind comment:)

Cherry Tart Design said...

That is the ONE good thing about apartment life, I don't have to pay for repairs. LOL. I know our ireses were pretty sturdy, they withstood the kids and dogs so I'm sure yours will pop back up next year.