Friday, March 20, 2009

Strange Delight original mixed media painting

This triptych is composed of three 6 inch cradled wood panel squares. I've used acrylic paint, prismacolor pencil, vintage Golden Book Encyclopedia pages, and wrapping paper.

I have a new exacto knife I'm really thrilled with that lets me cut narrow strips. It's perfect for what I've been wanting to do, saves me a lot of time. A Queen Ann's Lace flower skeleton in the middle with a prairie dodder weed image on the right. The title is taken from one of my favorite Laurie Anderson songs, "Strange Angels." SOLD


I Want To Be An Artist said...

Very, very nice! I love the colors of the triptych and the adventure of the mixed media. I have been dabbling with mixed media myself. You've given me the courage to keep trying. Love your studio shot as well!

Polly Jones said...

Thanks! Just wait, you're bound to get hooked on using mixed media. Wow, I looked at your blogs, you are very creative and busy!