Monday, February 02, 2009


Papercut Print. The Ride.

Papercut Print. The Ride.

Here's a print by Elsa Mora that I requested for Christmas, and I got it!!! Fortunately I didn't have to do jury duty after all and have been using my exacto knife all day while working on a collage/painting. I am amazed at the finesse of Elsa Mora and her haunting images. I am convinced she grew up reading Grimms fairy tales and not Hans Christian Anderson. She has a great blog with links to many other paper cutting artists with incredible work.


Allie said...

Polly - what a fabulous little blog! I'm happy you gave me your card so I could wander over here and take a look at all your work. :^) I think there is something sinister lurking behind the black and whites of Mora's print....either that, or that's what catdreams look like.

Polly Jones said...

Thanks Allie! I think her work is very interesting and so is her writing on her main blog. She has a blog other than the paper cutting one too, the link is in my side bar.