Thursday, May 15, 2008

Almost Ripe

6" by 6" acrylic on gessoed masonite, unframed.
I wanted to keep the brushwork and color fresh, just like the strawberries. SOLD

I did this a while back and tried to post it several times. In fact, I almost changed the name of it to Almost Crazy. Our internet provider was having interference with a radio station in New Mexico and I could barely check my email much less post to this blog. Well, we tried to wait it out (for ages) but have finally switched to another company. Here is my new email address If you ever have a question or comment you can contact me directly or just leave a comment on the blog.

I hope this isn't a repeat post for some of you. I'm having problems due to my email address change.


isabel said...

it is so pretty!
when i have a job and my own home i am going to be a collecter of ur work.
to bad u can't be here to have the best stawberrys u have ever tasted!
ur biggest fan!
p.s. in case u forgot i'm in Michigan.

Polly Jones said...

Isabel--we are missing you guys here. So glad to hear from you and thanks for the complement--you made my day! ( Sorry to be slow to respond but I wasn't getting my comments)